DONATO CONSERVA AT PADDLE EXPO 2013 International Canoe and Kayak Show in Nuremberg (Germany) Great success for Donato Conserva’s kayaks BEAUTY ON K 150 AND K 170 Donato Conserva’s classic handmade Kayaks PADDLE EXPO 2013
Donato Conserva at Paddle Expo 2013:
Great success for Donato Conserva’s kayaks at the PADDLE EXPO 2013
International Canoe and Kayak Show in Nuremberg (Germany)

At the Paddle Expo in Nuremberg, Donato Conserva’s classic handmade Kayaks expressed new technical aesthetics and cultural parameters.

The leading paddle sports trade fair offered Donato’s team the opportunity to meet and compare with some of the top boat/kayak producers in the world. However above all it revealed to the public for the first time our marvels of Italian design and craft which includes the authentic stamp of ‘made in Italy’. Our Kayaks were enthusiastically received and in some cases met with astonishment for their elegance and sophisticated construction.
In addition to its aesthetic value, our “k” series kayak has improved the ecological relationship that exists between the world of nature and kayaking, reinforcing the idea of the kayak as a versatile tool for both racing “long distance” and for pleasant sightseeing excursions on lake, river and sea.
The most revealing technical feedback we received for the “K” series was from athletes, real athletes that required the most from their crafts and who wanted to test these kayaks on a lake surface.

All the criteria for these kayaks was confirmed by their authoritative judgement: stability, maneuverability, weight and comfort, this latter factor not commonly found on this type of craft. All of these were met with a single response, EXCEPTIONAL!
The unanimous success of the “K” series with the public, critics and the Paddle Expo press at Nuremburg, the enthusiasm of the ‘paddlers’ and the series of reviews collected from some of the most important companies in this sector are the highest accolade for the team that through these pages expresses its gratitude for the flattering praise of our craftsmanship from Visitors, buyers, exhibitors, journalists and paddlers, THANK YOU ALL.