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Italian hand crafted classic kayaks DONATO CONSERVA Resistance, sturdiness and lightness Resistance, sturdiness and lightness Resistance, sturdiness and lightness Resistance, sturdiness and lightness On request the kayaks can be customized Structural Plan New Projects Paddle Expo, Norimberga

Donato Conserva presents: Artistic kayaks made by hand.

Donato Conserva, now also weather stations made by hand with fine marine plywood and high quality tools. On request can be customized and / or dedicated.

When technology, creative excellence and beauty are a point of synthesis in the hands of a skilled craftsman, unique products are designed that engage the senses.
This mix of old techniques and new technologies results in kayaks that are beautiful, ergonomic and stable.

Donato Conserva, expert shipbuilder, heads a young and talented team who hand build these jewels in fine marine plywood (not in strips of wood or “wood” as generically people say) using a mix of stratification, achieved with special fiberglass cloths, craftsmanship, quality materials and cutting edge techniques. This precise planning and production method is designed to achieve the goal of offering highly stable kayaks without adding weight or sacrificing strength.

The Donato Conserva kayak range have hulls that are designed and shaped for maximum performance and stability, even in choppy seas. Five watertight compartments provide maximum buoyancy and stability. The wide, comfortable cockpit include eco-friendly leather padded seats and backrest and adjustable foot braces, which combine to make the paddler as comfortable as if they were driving a luxury car. Outfitting and hatches, two of the bow and two at the stern, means camping equipment and food can be carried allowing overnight and larger trips to search out those pristine beaches.

Stratification with special fiberglass cloths, treatment with epoxy resins, polyurethane and acrylic products guarantee the shine and longevity of our kayaks; thanks to these treatments do not require any maintenance. The only “maintenance” required is to wash the kayak with fresh water after use.

Safety, comfort, stability, buoyancy (marine plywood floats) and carrying capacity are the essential qualities in a sea kayak, especially for those who enjoy long expeditions.

The creativity and elegance of these customisable italian masterpieces make them unique.

Our kayaks have just one flaw: they are too beautiful….. they are so beautiful that it does not seem real to use them; actually they do not ask better